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Brent's Place

Our Chapter's Community Partner

The IREM® Greater Denver Community Service Committee reviewed the member suggestions, and with careful consideration, focused on Brent's Place in Aurora, CO, as the Chapter Community Partnership.  This alliance offers chapter members multiple opportunities to give back throughout the year, in many different ways, to make a difference within our community.

During the course of the year, our Community Service Committee leads the members to contribute in many ways:

    • Supply Drives
    • Fun Run
    • Vegetable Garden and Landscape Refresh
    • Meal Preparation
    • Apartment Supplies

To learn more about Brent's Place and Brent's Place Too, watch the brief video to the right.

If this sounds like something you might like to participate in throughout the year, consider being a part of the Brent's Place Team.

Click on the graphic and donate to assist with Brent's Place supplies any time!

Build Brent's Too

Brent's Place Team

Purpose: To utilize IREM member and IP resources to provide volunteer labor and materials most needed by our community partner.

1. Organize a work day to support Brent's Place and their new building.

2. Organize, collect and deliver supplies as defined by Brent's Place, to be collected at the monthly luncheon meetings.

3. Establish community service committee awareness and grow engagement.

Team Chair: Ira Coleman
Board Champion: Heather Coon

Friday, June 10, 2022

Join the 'Place Team as they brighten up the grounds for the families struggling with life-threatening illnesses.

This year we add the removal of any dead landscaping, replacement of shrubs and bushes, and pruning, in addition to mulch, weeding, and planning the vegetable garden. We will gladly accept all help out members can offer.

- Must be 18 year of age or older

- Must wear a mask while on the premises

- Must not enter either building

Bring your own lawn chair for breaks, work gloves and a shovel.

Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided by the chapter.

Register to support this event with items and or your time!

Notes from experience:

  • 4 Planters 10x4
  • Each planter holds up to 20 plants. The tomatoes take up a little more room.
  • Irrigation zones 5-6-7.
  • May need additional spaghetti tubing for irrigation based on plant placement.
  • Top soil for planters = 18 bags (2 CF ea)
  • Mulch = 37 Yards (thick application, may not need as much every year)
  • 6 Wheelbarrows
  • 6 Shovels
  • 6 Rakes (steel)
  • 2-4 Push Brooms
  • Timing:  Do not do split shifts. 9-1 can get it done!
  • Lunch: 30
  • Porta-Potty was a great idea.
  • Other things we can consider: removing any dead bushes and trees, pull weeds, fix edging. 
  • I suspect that landscape companies volunteer to maintain the grounds, and they do for a while and then they don't. It is extremely tough for a non-profit to call a volunteer on that kind of stuff. What happens is then it just gets neglected.

Team Resources:

Team Workbook - Add completion dates here!

Amy Edmonson on Psychological Safety

Google's Aristotle Project on Teams

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